McLean County Woman’s Club
General Federation of Woman’s Clubs
“ U N I T Y  I N  D I V E R S I T Y ”
Our History and Projects

Seven ladies started the Club in 2004 and are charter members. President Eborg wanted to form a club that would continue the good work of the General Federation of Woman's Clubs and get area people back into the Illinois General Federation.  We now have 13 members, and looking for more.

We started by making table decorations for a local nursing home.  We take in cake and ice cream to make their birthdays enjoyable

We have adopted 4 homes for the Homes of Hope Birthday Parties, in the Bloomington/Normal area. Homes of Hope are homes for Christian Residential Living for adults with developmental disabilities. We try to hold a craft night every  month and have the residents come in and make decorations for their homes, rooms and families.  Our club accepts donations for birthday bags for the residents to be given to them on their birthday.  They also accept items for the craft projects.

We made Christmas Wreaths for the Festival of Trees.  These Wreaths are silent auctioned for the largest sum of money.  The money goes to the local Baby Fold.

We have collected over 5,000 items for local schools that have a lot of underprivileged children   Each child had a back pack and supplies the first day of school. For those students that needed them, stocking caps and gloves have been furnished.

    We have collected over 120,000 items to fill over 800 boxes for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
We try to send 20 to 30 boxes each month of supplies that they need and don't get.  We are always accepting supplies and money for postage to send these boxes.

We have collected and mailed over 4,000 sheets and shower curtains to an EMT Group at Camp Speicher in Iraq.

We collect 200,000 coupons to go to Germany for the soldiers families to use at the PX.
Expectations For the Future:

We hope to get more members and become more involved in the community.

Won’t You Please Join US?

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General Federation of Women’s Clubs


General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Illinois

Darlene Eborg

3304 Castlemain Dr

Bloomington, IL 61704



Our club was formed in October of 2004

And Federated with the

General Federation of Woman’s Clubs

In May, 2005


We Are Always Looking for

New Members to Join Us

And Help in the Philanthropic

Work We Do

Please Contact our President



Remax Real Estate Office

2203 Eastland Dr.

Bloomington, IL


7:00 p.m. Second Tuesday

except July and August